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Is a broken windshield covered under my auto policy deductible?

Broken windshields and other glass are typically covered under the comprehensive coverage of an auto
insurance policy. Comprehensive generally provides coverage for physical damage to your vehicle not caused
by a collision with an object or another vehicle, but by a variety of other specific situations, such as fires,
floods, or hitting a deer. So, if your windshield is broken but you don't have comprehensive coverage, the cost
of replacing it will not be covered by your auto insurance.

If you do have comprehensive, the cost probably will be covered, but to what extent depends on the details of your
particular policy. Most drivers purchase comprehensive coverage with a deductible, in which case you would have to
contribute a certain amount out of your own funds toward the cost of replacing your windshield. Many times a windshield
can be repaired instead of replaced and many insurance policies do not have a deductible on repairs.

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